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Booker, official artwork from Pokémon Ranger:Guardian Signs

Booker is the expert carpenter of the Oblivia region, providing the regio with small boats for the Pokémon on Dolce Island, one of the Oblivia region's smallest islands. He lives in Cocona Village on Renbow Island, Oblivia.

Booker builds boats in his house for people all around Oblivia and for Dolce Island's Pokémon. He builds the boats for Pokémon because if there were a tidal wave, the Pokémon on Dolce Island that aren't able to fly or swim away would drown.

Booker also has a grandson named Ralph, who also lives in Cocona Village.

Booker is first seen on Dolce Island, where Alex and Anne encounter him just after Alex captured Ukulele Pichu. He then takes Alex to Renbow Island and gives her a place to spend the night. After that night, Alex continues her Mission to find Rand, an Area Ranger who was said to stay somewhere on Renbow Island.


Booker has white hair and brown eyes. He is not too tall and is usually seen wearing a summer-like-looking t-shirt, purple pants and flip flops. 

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