Eclipse Iida is one of the main protagonist in Disturbance Beyond Space and Time.


He has shaggy violet hair and has bangs that almost covered his eyes. His eyes were deep blue that looks like the deepest part of the ocean. He is usual outfit is a long white shirt with an emblem of a raven on the upper left corner of his shirt. He wears brown cargo jeans and a pair of black boots. When he and Yuuno the Inazuma Japan and the Raimon (GO) for the first time, he was wearing a long black cloak with hoods. Underneath the black cloak was a turtle neck shirt and a black fitting jeans with his favorite black boots.


He is somewhat cold to others and usually does not like to interact with new people. He only acts brotherly and nice toward Yuuno, Rose and Kiyabu.



Eclipse and Yuuno were friends ever since Yuuno entered the school at where he's studying. He and Yuuno entered the school's soccer club. Yuuno being the midfielder while him being the forward. The two of them made a perfect combo.

When he was about 6 and Rose was about 3, they lost their parents by someone stabbing them in front of them. Rose fainted after seeing the blood that covers the floor. He stood in front of Rose to protect her from the killer. Eclipse saw a knife lying on the floor and stabbed the killer and they both escaped.

Yuuno came shortly afterwards and saw Rose and Eclipse by the place where they should play. Unfortunately after the fight of Eclipse, there were wounds all over his body.

Yuuno then took the both siblings to Kiyabu where the two of them stayed and they became a family of four.