Welcome to the Fanfictions Unite Wiki

Welcome to the Fanfiction United Wiki!

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On this Wiki, you are allowed to post your fanfiction, regardless of what genre it belongs to, wether it's a fanfiction based on an anime, a video game, a book... You name it! Any kind of fanfiction is allowed!

You can create pages for the characters in your fanfiction as well and the fanfiction itself. The fanfictions belong in the Fanfictions category. All characters are requested to be in the Characters category, then to be split up in either the  Male or Female Category, depending on the character's sex and/or gender.

You are also allowed to roleplay in the Wiki Chat if you want to. Any kind of roleplay is allowed, as long as you follow the rules that apply to this wiki.

Enjoy your stay at the Fanfiction United Wiki! ^o^

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