Hello there, Folks! I decided to make a /might be multi-chaptered/ one shot about the Kingdom Hearts universe...And its about Xion and Roxas.So, enjoy!

The StoryEdit

-On top of the Clock Tower in the middle of Twilight Town-

A girl with black hair and bright blue eyes had sat down right besides a blond boy, who was holding two sea-salted ice-cream, one dripping like a tear.

"Oh, Xion." The boy said, turning to the girl named Xion."Here.It's about time you showed up." He handed her one of the salty ice-cream, mocking about her time of presence.

Xion had laughed, accepted the ice-cream and lightly punched the boy in the arm."Well, sorry for being so late.I had another mission from Saïx i had to do." Xion explained, nibbling on the dessert.

"Oh.I see..Gee, i wonder.." The boy said, looking towards the horizon.

"Hm? And whats that, Roxas?" Xion asked, tilting her head slightly towards Roxas.

Roxas stood up, still looking at the horizon."Its just..Whats our purpose here?" He began, looking down and gripping on the ice-cream stick."It's just what Axel had said..We're nobodies..So, whats our purpose? What are we fighting for?" He continued, asking questions he knew that couldn't be answered.

Xion was quiet for a bit, thinking for the right words to say.After a while, she stood up, and placed a hand on his shoulder."Look, so..We're not like other people..But, once we get enough hearts, we could open the gate to Kingdom Hearts..And then..We'll be real..We'll actually be real." She said, shinning a bit of hope onto Roxas.

Roxas looked at Xion, and gave her a half smile."You're right." He sighed, "Sorry..I'm just so frustrated from all this confusion." He explained, and sat down again, realizing his ice-cream was melting and proceeded to lick it.

Xion had smiled back, and sat down back on the edge of the clock, bitting her salty-sweet treat."But..It would be nice to know what its like..To be real." She said, hoping her fantasy might be real one day.

Roxas looked at her, then looked up to the dimmed skies."Yeah..That'd be nice." He said quietly, almost in a whisper.And before he knew it, his and Xion's desserts were melting and dripping, both drops that seemed to have looked like tears.


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