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Leanne, official artwork from Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs

Leanne is an archaeologist who studies the connections between the ruins and fairy tales in the Oblivia region, Rand's wife and Nema's mother. She is 34 years old.


Leanne first came to the Oblivia region as a starting archaeologist, wanting to learn more about the Oblivia region's myths and stories. She encountered Rand, who had just arrived on the island for a small Mission to complete that had to do with the Oblivia Ruins on Sophian Island. Leanne, who had investigated the ruins a little while before, lead Rand to the ruins and eventually returned to Almia with him. They got married about two years after and got a daughter named Nema.

When Rand is requested to be stationed permanently as an Area Ranger in Oblivia, Leanne and Nema move along with him and they build a house near Cocona Village, where they currently live.

Leanne is a good cook, though because of her devotion to her job, she often lets Nema cook. Not that either of them mind.


Leanne has cyan hair and eyes and a beige long sleeved t-shirt. She has yellow earrings and purple pants together with a pink belt. She has simple brown shoes and usually carries her reading glasses along with her.


Leanne is bright and usually cheerful and optimistic about any kind of situation. She is a logical thinker and works fast when it comes down to discovering things. She is a great listener and because of her logical thinking usually comes up with great solutions to problems. 

Leanne can be a little rash, chaotic and hasty at times, but as soon as she notices she is, she will calm herself down and keep calm. Whenever she detects a mistake in her work, she checks the full report a couple of times to make sure it is absolutely mistake-free and accurate.

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