Nema Headshot

Nema, official artwork from Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs

Nema is Rand and Leanne's twelve year old daughter. She is a so-called scientist and very bright for her age. Nema loves tinkering with machines and is like a younger sibling to Alex.


Nema has the exact same cyan hair and eyes from her mother, hidden behind a pair of red glasses. She usually wears a lab coat, to give the 'scientist' effect, together with a cyan necklace, a pink and yellow top and brown shorts. She also has brown shoes, similar to her mother's.


Nema is bright and cheerful, much like her mother. She has quite the cheesy jokes and adapts part of Ben's sense of humour, turning her jokes into practical ones as well.Nema is smart for her age and doesn't play a lot like the average twelve-year-old kid would. She prefers sitting inside and working on her machines against the 'bad guys' than playing with children. She goes outside for research and to investigate, but she rarely meets up with other children.

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