On Our Own is a Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs fanfiction by Pokemon Ranger Alex. The story stars Rank 8 Area Ranger Alex Reed and Rank 8 Area Ranger Ben Evans, on an urgent Mission given by Professor Hastings.

The Oblivia region, a normally peaceful archipelago, is threatened by the Pokémon Pinchers, a group of people who capture Pokémon and take them away from their original homes and use them to their advantage. Professor Hastings calls two fairly new Rangers, Alex and Ben, to the Ranger Union and gives them the following Mission: to investigate the Pinchers' plans and, if necessary, stop them.

As soon as Alex and Ben get separated from each other by the Pinchers, they both have different views on the Pinchers' actions: Ben from the inside and Alex from the outside. While there is no contact between the two partners and friends, both Rangers keep calm and hope for the best. 

Alex receives all sorts of help from inhabitants of the islands, stops the Pinchers' Missions several times and encounters Legendary Pokémon she couldn't have dreamed of...

However, there is a darker side to it. Alex, even with all the help, is on her own in a to her unknown region and she keeps encountering the Pokémon Pinchers, she receives all sorts of mysterious dreams about a boy she doesn't know anything about, and she manages to get herself in all sorts of trouble...

The CharactersEdit

  • Alex Reed: a Pokémon Ranger originating from Ecruteak City, Johto.
  • Ben Evans: a Pokémon Ranger originating from Chicole Village in Almia.
  • Booker: Oblivia's carpenter, creating boats for Pokémon in case one of Oblivia's smallest uninhabited islands, Dolce Island, gets flooded.
  • Ravio: ???
  • Rand: A Rank 9 Area Ranger, originally from Fall City in Fiore.
  • Leanne: An archaeologist from Oblivia and Rand's wife.
  • Nema: Rand and Leanne's daughter, a bright twelve year old who loves to tinker with machines.
  • Murph: The PR representative of the Ranger Union. (His job is to connect links between the Ranger Union and the people and Pokémon the Ranger Union helps.)