Rand Headshot

Rand, official artwork from Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs

Rand is a Rank 9 Area Ranger, stationed in Oblivia. He is 36 years old and married to Leanne. Together, Leanne and Rand have a daughter named Nema.

Rand has a house in Pueltown, Almia as well, though he now lives in Oblivia on Renbow Island, on the path between Cocona Village and the crossroads to the Wireless Tower and to the Big Booker Bridge.


Rand's uniform is slightly different from the Almia uniform. The buttons on his uniform are on the left side of his jacket instead of the right and he doesn't have a white collar under his vest. He also has slightly different pants and a different belt when compared to the Almia uniform.

Rand's got dark blue hair and dark blue eyes. He's got a small beard and brushy eyebrows. 


Rand is quite the careless man at times, risking his life easily to protect both people and Pokémon. He is caring and cautious when it comes down to his family, caring a lot about his daughter and wife. Rand is mentally strong and isn't afraid to show this at times, and is a great leader when needed and when not needed.

Rand is most definitely a fatherly person, described as a caring and warm-hearted guy by many people in and around Cocona Village. He can be rather rough though, especially towards people he has a slight grudge against or people he doesn't trust.

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