Rose Iida is a sibling of Eclipse Iida, a childhood friend of Yuuno Kuroda and an antagonist in the story.


When she was first seen in an orb when she talks with Inazuma Japan and the rest, her hair was black with red and blue highlights below. She also has violet eyes just like the color of Eclipse’s hair but her eyes were somehow lighter that Eclipse’s hair. In the end of the chapter, her hair was in lilac color. When the day of the match arrived, she was wearing brown shorts that reached her knee and a black t-shirt with a necklace on and a black leather boots to match.


At first sight, she is seen wearing a cold and dark face. But as the ending draw near, she's seen to have a loving and adorable personality.


Her background is similar to Eclipse.

Reason for change of personality: She was wandering off at the forest when she saw an amulet. She picked it up and suddenly, her lilac hair was turned in to black. Her eyes started to dim while her personality darkened.