He's another protagonist in Disturbance Beyond Space and Time

Appearance Edit

He has long silver white hair that was tied back into a ponytail, somehow similar to Kazemaru's but lower. He has gold eyes with a hint of silver below. Like Eclipse Iida, he was first seen with his hooded cloak on. His usual outfit is ivory colored turtle neck shirt, blue skinny jeans and a black and white sneakers to pair up.


He is usually seen as a calm and typical in sorts of. He always wear a warm smile on his face and is never seen angry before.



His parents were divorced and his mother took him in. But after sometime, he had an argument with his mother and was force to leave the place.

He was in the merge of dying but when Kiyabu-san saw him, he adopted him and was raised by him as a son of Kiyabu's.

He entered the same school of and ended up in the same class with Eclipse. They were seatmates actually. Eclipse talked to Yuuno and the both of them got along pretty well. Eclipse introduced him to Rose and the three of them became friends.

Eclipse and Yuuno entered the school's soccer club. Yuuno being the midfielder while Eclipse being the forward. The two of them made a perfect combo. Until one day, Eclipse and Rose didn't showed up at school.